National Real Estate Pricing Projections

National Real Estate Pricing Projections

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Wow, 2009 was an interesting year. I hope the season has been as enjoyable for your family as it has been for mine. It was nice to actually see some snow and we weren't far off from seeing a white Christmas if you are and yours are celebrating.

On to 2010. This year we are expecting prices to stabilize nationally, with Oregon seeing modest growth. Keep your great expectations in your back pocket as we will not be seeing the kind of rapid movement we took for granted in the late 90's. Not to worry however, for our crack team of professionals will have their fingers on the pulse of the these housing swings so you can rest easy and watch the fire in the fireplace. Hopefully you have someone warm and snuggly to spend time with but no one here will be making any predictions as the the likelihood of any such encounters if you are currently single.

If you are in the market to buy or sell your home it would be wise to have an idea as to what your home is worth and how your pricing relates to your timeframe for the sale. Knowing a real estate professional who is savvy on pricing in your area is essential to effective positioning of your property. Here are some real estate pro's I suggest you talk to:

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